ITS SHOWTIME & BFN Group organize the worlds most stacked 8 man tournament!

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ITS SHOWTIME & BFN Group organize the worlds most stacked 8 man tournament!
May 10, 2011 -news
We are very proud to announce the biggest and most stacked 8 man tournament in the world, which we will organize in cooperation with BFN Group. Eight of the very best fighters in the world under 70kg will battle for the ITS SHOWTIME Grand Prix title on September 24 in the Forest National in Brussels, Belgium: Fast & Furious 70 max.
The winner of this event has to win no less than 3 times to capture the jackpot of 50.000 Euros. Every victory will earn the participants a bonus on top of their fight purse.
The following world elite fighters will participate to this prestigious tournament:
1) Giorgio Petrosyan
2) Andy Souwer
3) Artur Kyshenko
4) Gago Drago
5) Murat Direki
6) Chris Ngimbi
7) Harut Grigorian
8) Pajunsuk Superpro Samui
The quarter finals will be decided by a drawing of lots in Belgium at the end of June, and every participant will be present at the drawing. We already know that every possible combination of the 2 of the abovementioned fighters will promise fireworks!
Besides this tournament, also the best fighters in Belgium will fight a superbout. Marat Grigorian, Rustemi Kreshnik, Sonny Dagraed and Marco Vlieger are just some of the names on the fight card.
Theres also great news for every ITS SHOWTIME fan with a smartphone: within 2 weeks we expect to launch our brand new App! This application will keep you updated on the latest news around ITS SHOWTIME events and ITS SHOWTIME fighters. The app will also contain spectacular videos and unique photos! The app will first be launched for iPhones but will also be available for Android, RIM (BlackBerry), Windows Mobile and tablets very soon.
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